Our company, Aequus Worldwide Logistics, Inc., is a customs brokerage firm that offers a full scope of domestic and international freight forwarding services. Whether you are looking for expedited domestic trucking services or you want freight shipped across the ocean, we are the professionals to contact. Our Houston-based freight transport company has years of experience. No matter what type of commercial goods you are trying to transport, we get the job done in a safe and timely manner.

With 24/7 customer service, we at Aequus Worldwide Logistics Inc. make it our mission to provide you with the high-quality, personalized service you need. For more information about our company or our services, contact us at (832) 559-1684!

Get to know us

Sergio Steagall is a dual citizen of the United States of America and Mexico and has spent a significant amount of time living in both countries since his birth in Puebla, Mexico. He received his law degree from Fundación Universidad de las Américas Puebla in 2005 with an emphasis in International Law. After returning to the United States, he worked in a variety of industries before discovering his talent for customs brokerage and logistics. Sergio was the CHB license holder for Clutch Global Logistics, Inc. and the CFO for Ep America, Inc. before expanding and creating Aequus Worldwide Logistics, Inc. in April 2012 in Chicago, Illinois, moved the company to Colorado in September of that year and has since built up a national and global client base.
Amanda Chitswara was born in Pennsylvania and raised along the east coast of the United States. She relocated to Texas in 2021. Amanda completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Liberty University in 2018. She is responsible for human resources and all accounting functions. She is a team player and a vital part of daily financial operations. Looks forward to growing her career with Aequus and learning the logistics industry.
Years ago, Krisz Dragan moved to the United States (Illinois) from Europe (Hungary) to continue his career in freight forwarding. He has over 30 years of experience in all aspects of logistics; sea, air, and land transportation and joined the Aequus team in February of 2017. Krisz currently negotiates prices with carriers, overseas key accounts and advises Aequus Worldwide Logistics, Inc. when necessary.
Rachel received her Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Economics from Eastern Washington University in 2014. Upon graduating, she returned to her home state of Colorado where she worked in a variety of business fields including inventory control, human resources, project management, and administration. As the Executive Office Assistant at Aequus, she handles a variety of tasks and enjoys stepping in wherever she is needed to guarantee that each team member has the tools that they need to successfully accomplish their goals.
Luis Brito, a native of the Dominican Republic, moved to Miami, FL, when he was nine years old. As he grew into a young man in Miami, he started working and going to school for Business Administration. Luis has three kids and a wife named Margie. Luis and his family have been in Houston since March 2018.
Luis started working for Aequus Worldwide Logistics in May 2022 as the Business Development Manager. His day-to-day duties start with providing good customer service to his existing customers, communicating with his operation team, and pursuing new business.
His favorite part of the job is talking to customers to find a solution as a team.
When Luis is not working, you can find him playing baseball with his son or cooking for his family and friends. His favorite food is “La Bandera,” a dish resembling the Dominican Republic’s flag containing white rice, red beans, stew meat, and avocado.
Jaime recently moved to the United States from Puebla, Mexico. He received his International Business Administration degree from Fundación Universidad de las Américas Puebla in 2021 with an Emphasis on International Trade. He has a remarkable background education from Mexico and Canada. Jaime also has very relevant experience working in Logistics in Mexico. His determination and unique problem-solving skills are the key attributes that makes him stand out. As one of our newest members of the team, Jaime is eager to learn fast and grow professionally, while giving his absolute best to Aequus and to our customers. He is looking forward to obtaining his very own customs brokerage license very soon.


Sergio Steagall is the corporate license holder for Aequus Worldwide Logistics, Inc. He obtained his license in 2010, and the company licensed in 2013.

Mr. Steagall’s areas of expertise include:

  • Admissibility Requirements

  • Entry Procedures

  • Valuation

  • Classification

  • Rates of Duty

  • Applicable Taxes and Fees for Imported Merchandise



Very helpful. Quick response times. Amazing customer service. Great pricing.

Tina Randolph McCulloch

AEQUUS Worldwide has been our one-stop shop for door-to-door shipments. We have suppliers located in India, China, Pakistan, the EU, and Morocco. We have been using them since 2015 without any problems. Air shipments, sea shipments, and domestic trucking are their specialty.

L&I Apothecary

Sergio and the whole Aequus company have been a pleasure to work with – they are our go-to team when we need to get our shipments on time and budget.

Paul P.

As a domestic and international transportation buyer for the past seventeen years, I have worked with small, medium, and large third-party logistics providers. In 2012 I was introduced to Aequus Worldwide Logistics Inc. and haven’t looked back since. I have since terminated my relationships with Corrigan Air & Sea, Crane Worldwide Logistics, and CH Robinson. Sergio and his team at Aequus provide high-quality personalized customer service 24 hours a day at a very competitive rate. Creative Solutions Group has not missed a trade show or event since I made the switch. Thanks, Aequus!

Mark W.

5 STARS!!!! The Aequus team is amazing! Outstanding service from the smallest of shipments to full containers coming from all over the world. One phone call, and it’s done!



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When looking for a trusted NVOCC and import broker to manage your cargo shipping needs, the dedicated professionals at Aequus Worldwide Logistics, Inc. are your preferred transportation partners. Contact us today to learn more and get your free quote.


    24/7 SERVICE


    24/7 SERVICE