Aequus Worldwide Logistics Inc. provides you with professional management of all aspects of your overseas shipment. Our Houston-based ocean transportation company is licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission and the Chinese Ministry of Commerce. As a result, we can conduct business directly with the shipping lines.

Aequus Worldwide Logistics Inc. provides you with professional management of all aspects of your overseas shipment. Our Houston-based ocean transportation company is licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission and the Chinese Ministry of Commerce. As a result, we can conduct business directly with the shipping lines.




American business is a 24-hour operation. Companies of all sizes have customers all over the world. For this reason, they need reliable options to safely ship products without delays or hang-ups.

Ocean shipping has been the backbone of international business for centuries. Now it’s a complex operation that relies on a capable organization and new technologies. Therefore, companies need reliable partners like us for overseas delivery.

Our ocean freight forwarding services help companies keep up with global commerce.



When you choose us for your ocean freight services, we will handle the following:

  • The Paperwork
  • The Customs Arrangements
  • Any Necessary Bonds
  • We Don’t Ship Vehicles Overseas!

We don’t outsource these services like other international logistics companies. Thanks to our contracts with steamship lines, we can keep our prices low for our clients.



Our main goal is to ensure that your freight reaches its destination safely and on time. For this reason, we offer customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


What is an Ocean Freight Forwarder?

Your company has a lot of options for shipping international cargo. Everyone involves complex operations with lots of moving parts.

An ocean freight forwarder helps business customers to move their goods on cargo ships. These companies have the knowledge and experience required to deliver products across the sea. By having global partners, they get ocean freight shipping at the best possible rates. In other words, they pass those savings down to their customers.

Ocean freight logistics services do not usually own any vehicles. They don’t have fleets of ships, but they work with the companies that have. These are liaisons that know what each step will entail in the crucial process of international shipping. So, they know what it will take to get your product delivered quickly and safely.

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Ocean Freight Services from Aequus Worldwide Logistics, Inc.

The ocean freight logistics service at Aequus Worldwide Logistics navigates the process of international transport.

We give you real-time quotes and arrange every checkpoint on your cargo’s journey. Track your shipment until it reaches its destination. And provide intermediaries and documentation services to move your product through shipping channels.

Aequus Worldwide Logistics offers complete and flexible solutions for ocean freight forwarding. We work with both Full-Container Load (FCL) and Less-Than-Container Load (LCL) shipments. Likewise, we handle standard delivery loads and oversized shipments, as well as unique or special cargo.

We rely on longtime business relationships with core carrier networks, which get our customers consistent shipment and storage space at reasonable prices all year round. We have trusted partnerships at every point in the delivery chain. Our partners help Aequus Worldwide Logistics to offer customizable solutions at competitive rates.

No matter how large or petite your business is, the Aequus Worldwide Logistics implementation teams get your goods where they need to go.

Advantages of Ocean Freight Shipping Over Air Freight Shipping Overseas

With all of the options, you have for freight forwarding, what makes ocean shipping a better choice?

It Costs Less. Generally, ocean shipping rates are generally less expensive than air rates or other shipping options.

Eco-Friendliness. Ocean shipping has a less harmful impact on the environment than using air.

Easier Handling of Unusual Cargo. Ocean shipping is the best way to send oversized or hazardous cargo — sometimes, it’s the only way.

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Things to Think About When Choosing an Ocean Freight Logistics Company

Ocean freight forwarding simplifies and streamlines your company’s needs for imports and exports. The quality of service you get depends on the company you select. Before choosing what service to use, consider these factors:

Documentation – The best ocean freight forwarders know what permits you need to obtain and how to get them. Besides, they can also help with bills of lading, export packing lists, insurance, and inspection certificates. They deal with the mountain of forms that come with freight shipping.

Network – Ocean cargo shipping involves a long chain with several moving parts. Your freight forwarding service needs to use a reliable, global network. They have to be skilled at maintaining positive relationships with dependable partners.

Organization – Ocean shipping requires a firm grasp of logistics. Efficient freight forwarders have well-implemented, well-documented systems to get shipments to their destinations. They build and refine their processes for smooth and secure delivery for each item they ship.

Safety – International freight forwarding is highly regulated. Just a single accident can cause property damage, inventory loss, or worse of all, personal injury. Your freight forwarder needs a clean safety record and a positive inspection history.

Insurance – Ocean freight forwarding has special insurance requirements. A freight forwarding company needs total liability coverage. Specifically, to cover all costs of property loss or damage during shipment.

Experience – Ocean shipping is a complex process that requires steady and knowledgeable hands. Your freight forwarding company’s employees should have a wealth of experience in all facets of ocean cargo.

Range of Service – There are many different elements in exporting and importing. So, companies need flexible services with several options. Top ocean freight forwarders cover the entire spectrum of cargo services. They offer comprehensive and customizable solutions for the different companies they serve.

Price – The cheapest ocean freight forwarding options aren’t always the most cost-effective. On the other hand, customers don’t always get services in line at the high prices charged. Excellent freight forwarders give their customers top-level service at reasonable rates.

Reasons to Choose Aequus Worldwide Logistics Inc. for Ocean Freight Shipping

Aequus Worldwide Logistics Inc. has all the elements of first-class ocean freight forwarding.

Experience. Our teams have worked in freight forwarding logistics for years. We’ve kept up with the changing scope of ocean shipping and know how to fill your company’s needs.

Service. Aequus Worldwide Logistics covers every aspect of international ocean shipping. We provide a broad range of services tailored to each unique customer.

Network. Our team has long-standing relationships with domestic and international partners. We’ve established a capable transportation network that spans the globe.

Affordability. Aequus Worldwide Logistics provides the best services at fair prices. We work with each customer to find complete shipping solutions that fit their budget.

Safety. We have an outstanding safety and inspection record. Each step in our refined process is registered to protect your product in transit.

Customer Service. At Aequus Worldwide Logistics, our customers are our top priority. Our representatives will work hard to resolve your issues and concerns in a diligent and timely manner.

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Aequus Worldwide Logistics manages your ocean freight forwarding needs from start to finish. We cover everything from booking, pick-up, and documentation to delivery and drop-off; our experts will give you confidence in your cargo’s safe and secure transport. Call our knowledgeable and experienced staff members to find out more.


At Aequus Worldwide Logistics, Inc., we understand the importance of transparency in pricing. With our no-obligation, free quote, you have the best chance to make informed decisions about your freight handling needs.

When looking for a trusted NVOCC and import broker to manage your cargo shipping needs, the dedicated professionals at Aequus Worldwide Logistics, Inc. are your preferred transportation partners. Contact us today to learn more and get your free quote.


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