Aequus Worldwide Logistics, Inc. Is a fully licensed 24 hr. customs broker, serving Denver & Colorado Springs. We are experts with entry procedure, admissibility requirements, valuation, classification and duty rates or taxes.

We are a full-service commercial freight forwarding company, dedicated to partnering with your business to resolve all your logistical and transport needs. This means you can focus on growing your business.  Fully licensed and authorized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, we’re capable of delivering the speedy, hassle-free domestic and international freight services your business expects.

What sets Aequus Worldwide Logistics apart from competitors is not only the superior freight and logistics services we offer, but the way in which we offer them, including our expertise, our long history of successful operations, our 24-hour customs broker availability, and our centrally located operations.  We’re the customs broker in Colorado Springs and Denver that meets your every need and helps keep your business running around the clock.



Our experienced licensed commercial customs broker and freight specialists have the expertise to manage all your commercial logistics and import needs, ensuring that everything is in order from shipment through delivery. We’re fully capable of handling any unexpected impediments in order to avoid delays, fines, or other undesirable outcomes.

Freight transport is governed by specific rules, regulations, policies, and procedures that require strict compliance. Without a knowledgeable customs broker to manage your transport and logistics, you could run afoul of violations that cause shipments to be detained, delayed, and denied entry, and this could significantly impact your ability to conduct business as usual.

Not only are we pleased to offer a diverse range of freight transport options, including ocean, air, and domestic commercial services, but we also offer expertise in:

  • Entry procedures, including filing required documentation
  • Admissibility requirements, including any required bonds, permits, licenses, or certifications
  • Classification for examination purposes
  • Valuation to determine related taxes and fees
  • Rates of duty
  • Overall compliance with applicable federal, state, and local laws, as enforced by U.S. Customs and Border Protection
  • and more

At Aequus Worldwide Logistics, we understand that you don’t have time for hassles and delays when it comes to freight forwarding. Therefore, we take a proactive approach that ensures successful outcomes with every shipment. When you need a customs broker in Denver to manage all your freight logistics in an efficient and effective manner, Aequus Worldwide Logistics is the perfect partner.


Full service can mean different things to different people. At Aequus Worldwide Logistics, it means not only providing the licensed customs broker servicing that facilitates problem-free freight forwarding, but also delivering the on-call, personalized customer assistance you expect, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you need us, we’re there.


Colorado is a major shipping and transport hub, We are always on call 24 hours to meet your customs broker needs at Colorado Springs Airport (COS) and Denver International Airport(DIA)

As your full-service customs broker in Colorado Springs and Denver, we can provide the comprehensive domestic and international freight transportation, import, and logistics services your business relies on. Which makes it an ideal location for managing all your freight shipping and import needs. Major federal highways, international airports, and railways pass through this centralized location, which serves as one of the most important transportation hubs in the nation. Our local operation has the insight, connections, and expertise to make the most of this key location on your behalf.

When you need dependable, round-the-clock, centralized commercial freight transport, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Aequus Worldwide Logistics for a no-obligation, free quote.



Sergio Steagall is the corporate license holder for Aequus Worldwide Logistics, Inc. He obtained his individual license in 2010, and the company obtained the license in 2013.

Mr. Steagall’s areas of expertise include:

  • Admissibility Requirements

  • Entry Procedures

  • Valuation

  • Classification

  • Rates of Duty

  • Applicable Taxes and Fees for Imported Merchandise



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Very helpful. Quick response times. Amazing customer service. Great pricing.

Tina Randolph McCulloch
male profile for worldwide logistics service

AEQUUS Worldwide has been our 1 stop shop for door to door shipments. We have vendors located in India, China, Pakistan, EU and Morocco. We have been using them since 2015 with no problems at all. Air shipments, sea shipments and domestic trucking is their specialty.

L&I Apothecary
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Sergio and the whole Aequus organization has been a pleasure to work with – they are our go-to team when we need to get our shipments on time and on budget.
Paul P.
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As a domestic and international transportation buyer for the past seventeen years, I have worked with small, medium, and large third party logistics providers. Back in 2012 I was introduced to Aequus Worldwide Logistics Inc. – and haven’t looked back since. I have since terminated relationships with Corrigan Air & Sea, Crane Worldwide Logistics, and CH Robinson. Sergio and his team at Aequus provide personalized high quality customer service 24 hours a day at a very competitive rate. Creative Solutions Group has not missed a tradeshow or event since I made the switch. Thanks Aequus!
Mark W.
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5 STARS!!!! The Aequus team is nothing but amazing! Outstanding service from the smallest of shipments to full containers coming from all parts of the world. One phone call and its taken care of!


At Aequus Worldwide Logistics, Inc., we understand the importance of transparency in pricing. With our no-obligation, free quote, you have the best chance to make informed decisions about your freight handling needs.

When you’re seeking a trusted freight forwarder and import broker to manage your cargo shipping needs, the dedicated professionals at Aequus Worldwide Logistics, Inc. are your preferred partners in transport. Contact us today to learn more and get your free quote.


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